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Many of the embedded systems we have developed for clients include wireless communication functionality; commonly the device may be battery-powered, and so required to run at ultra-low average power, will perform some form of monitoring function, and report back over the wireless link either at regular intervals and/or when some form of event is detected.

Ultra-low power   Secure design   Bespoke protocols

We are very familiar with operating with architecture, hardware and firmware design for extremely efficient sleep modes, and with power harvesting to charge batteries from whatever energy sources may be available. For some clients we have designed bespoke protocols to absolutely minimise the overall mean power consumption and thereby extend battery life even further, particularly where the device must run on battery, be small, and will be in locations where battery replacement is not practicable.

Our wireless capabilities and experience include:

  • RF circuit design, EMC
  • Antenna matching and radiation
  • Technologies and standard protocols including Cellular (3G/4G/GSM), WLAN, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, GPS, NFC
  • Bespoke protocol and mesh network architecture for ultra-low power, low-latency linear network
  • Secure wireless system design
  • Ultra low-power design and architecture for operation


In addition to the design and development of embedded devices incorporating standards-based wireless capabilities, Edenprime also has experience with PHY and MAC-layer design and implementation, as well as pre-PA/antenna processing such as digital pre-distortion; Most of this is FPGA and/or algorithm work.