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Edenprime projects are performed by experienced, professional and well-qualified engineers. In addition to being degree qualified, they will typically be members of one or more professional bodies such as the IET, IEEE and/or BCS, will have reached and been awarded CEng (Chartered Engineer) status and other professional qualifications.

Consultants at Edenprime have experience spanning a wide variety of technologies and projects, some examples of which are provided below:

Design and development of an environmental monitoring sensor system

Design and development of signal processing algorithms and firmware for 3-phase monitoring device

Firmware architecture and processing algorithms for gas sensor device

Fixed-point implementation of highly numerical algorithms on low-resource devices

Threat analysis for an IoT consumer appliance system

Design and development of industrial position and motion sensing system with bespoke wireless network

Ultrasonic sensing system algorithm design

Seismic detection system with bespoke 802.15.4 wireless network

Threat analysis for industrial consumables anti-counterfeit system

Bespoke secure low bit-rate wireless protocol design

Counter-piracy and counterfeit embedded systems digital forensic analysis

DTV Conditional Access security

Bluetooth Server and Client software systems development

GPS Subsystem interface architecture, and SUPL Security Implementation

Tele-medicine Video system design and development

Real Time Embedded Software Design and Development

Digital Signal Processing algorithm design for 802.11a/b/g modem ASIC cores

Digital TV chipset and STB capability assessments

Security and Threat Analysis of Fixed Wireless Access protocols

Bespoke wireless system and protocol design

Design and development of mixed RF and telephony CPU products

This is only a sample of projects and experience held by Edenprime. For further information on Edenprime's experience and capabilities within any particular technical areas, or to discuss specific project requirements, please contact us using the details on the contacts page or email us at info@edenprime.com .