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Almost all of the products and devices designed and developed by Edenprime for their clients include some form of sensor, often many> these can be in many forms, from individual analogue components, digital devices or more substantial modules. The output samples from these devices may be analogue requiring sampling using ADCs, others provide data samples via digital interfaces such as I2C, SPI, UART.

The sampled data will often require processing, whether simple filtering or more complex algorithmic or statistical processing, and the results of these typically indicated or reported by some communications channel regularly or when defined thresholds are exceeded (an "event" or "alarm").


Determining the optimum way to use these sensors in order to create a system providing the required level of performance but at minimum power consumption or cost is key to the initial design work. This may involve determining whether it is more efficient to completely remove power from the sensors between measurements, versus measurement settling-times, as well as use of sleep modes etc. In particular, for IoT-type applications where the unit is operating from batteries and/or using energy-harvesting methods, and where wireless communications are to be used, these trade-offs are crucial to a successful manufacturable product design.

Edenprime has broad experience across many sensor types, their control and use, sampling, algorithmic processing and integration into coherent low-power designs:

  • gas sensors (presence, concentration, characteristics)
  • temperature and humidity sensors
  • seismic sensors (for ground movement; detection of nearby people, vehicles or animals)
  • accelerometers and gyros (for position and movement analysis)
  • microphone (speech, other sound detection/recognition)
  • voltage/current (typically using ADCs, for wide range of voltage or signal monitoring)