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Edenprime specialises in all aspects of digital data and security through creation, transmission, use, storage and destruction. Project scopes vary from ad-hoc consultancy to assist with early architecture concepts and options, threat analyses of existing systems, to full secure system designs and implementations, as well as examination of system breaches and determination of potential countermeasures, depending on the systems involved.

Please note that as would be expected in this field, much of this work is highly confidential, so only a small number of our past project work can be mentioned, with limited information. Past work has included:

  • DTV Conditional Access breach analysis
  • Payment meter methodologies and threat analysis
  • GPS SUPL Security implementation
  • Bespoke Wireless Protocol Threat Analysis and Secure design extension
  • Secure License system design
  • Encryption/Authentication algorithm selection
  • Bespoke Encryption Algorithm software library implementation and verification

In addition to the above, and our forensic capabilities, Edenprime can also offer additional services and advice on the following related aspects of digital data security:

  • data recovery - following accidental deletion, partition loss, errored HD's (in some cases)
  • data destruction - disk cleaning to appropriate standards (DoD as required, also on site disk wiping and advice on developing wiping/destruction policies)

For further information on Edenprime's experience and capabilities within any particular area, or to discuss specific project requirements, please contact us using the details on the contacts page or by email to info@edenprime.com.