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Embedded firmware

Edenprime has experience developing software/firmware for a wide range of embedded targets, both for standard CPUs and for DSP devices. The majority of our work is OS-less, though we have experience with several OSes. We create BSPs for boards which we design, and design and implement boot and application code as required for specific project needs.

Typical projects may include some or all of the following aspects of our software development experience:

  • Wide range of processors and development environments
    • Microprocessors including Atmel ATXMega/UC3, STM32, SiLabs 8051/Gecko, Various ARM7/9/CortexM0
    • DSP devices including Analog Devcies, TI, Motorola
  • Design for OS and OS-less
  • Creation of BSP, Device drivers and interfaces
  • Development of Boot code, firmware upgrade mechanisms and inherent security (see linked page)
  • Communications stack development and use
    • Including 3G/4G/GSM, MPEG2/4, 802.11, 802.15.4, DNP3, GPS, and bespoke protocols
  • DSP and algorithms (see linked page)
  • Embedded applications
  • Configuration management (Clearcase, SVN, Git, others)
  • Issue tracking (Bugzilla, Trac, others)

Test interfaces

Software may be required to run externally of the embedded target, both to allow testing of interfaces during development/DVT/EMC, and also for production programming and test; this may be command-line or script driven, or may require a GUI. This test software may be developed in C/C++, C#, Qt, HTML/PHP, using scripts or a combination of these depending on the functionality and user interface required.