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Edenprime often creates bespoke software tools as part of it's work within both embedded systems development and digital forensics - some of these tools are made available on this page.

epBinaryFileMaker (free)

This is a very simple application, which takes a text file containing hex values for bytes and converts this into a binary file of the represented data, ignoring comments.

While a hex editor can be used for direct creation of such files, they rarely allow easy commenting. This tool uses a standard text file as it's input, which combined with comment support allows for clear bespoke layout and simple use.

Having written scripts and command line utilities to perform this task for many past projects, this version was created with a simple GUI and comment support for future use, and is made freely available to anyone else who finds it useful.


epAllZeroHashCalculator (free)

This is a simple tool to provide fast calculation of expected checksum results when calculated across specific lengths of all-zero data. The tool supports data sizes of up to 2TB, result calculation is accelerated, taking less than a second to generate for the following algorithms:

  • CRC32 (ITU-T V42 / pkzip)
  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA256



Developed as a forensic tool, epEventFileExaminer is capable of analysing both live and offline windows event logfiles. The data is presented in tabular format, with a variety of methods available to filter and display the entries. Capabilities include:

  • Forensically examine captured offline Windows Event files
  • Examine (live) current event files
  • Full individual record decode with offset and hex display
  • Graphic display of event records timeline
  • PC on/off timeline display
  • HTML Report generation for selected record(s)

License terms are defined on a per-product basis; please see each individual product page for details of licensing for that item.