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Embedded Systems Design

Edenprime has performed a large a number of projects designing and developing system and software architectures, implementations and protocols, where our primary areas of expertise include Wireless and Multimedia embedded systems, Security, Cryptography and Secure system design.

Embedded system projects performed by Edenprime take many forms depending on client needs; common aspects include:

  • requirements specification
  • system or module functional architecture analysis and design
  • system security design
  • communication protocol design
  • development of full system software, libraries and drivers

Edenprime is typically involved at an early stage in the project lifecycle, where our experience and broad understanding of the standards assists with early system trades to determine suitable functional requirement.

Edenprime has extensive experience across many areas of wireless and multimedia technologies and standards. Our project work has included the following typical areas and examples.

System Architecture and Design

  • Set Top Box Embedded Software
  • Bluetooth media server system and software
  • GPS Subsystem interface architecture
  • Tele-medicine video systems
  • 3G/GSM-GPRS Chipset Software and Protocols

Real Time Embedded Software

  • 4G DSP signal shaping system
  • Embedded RTOS systems
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Protocol Design and Implementation

DSP, RF and Communications

  • Encryption, Error Correction
  • Modems, 802.11a/b/g,
  • OFDM, Viterbi, DFE, etc
  • Other Highly numerical bit-stream processing

Digital TV

  • Embedded Software Development
  • Conditional Access Security
  • Chipset Capability Assessment
  • Set Top Box Performance Assessment

Many of the embedded projects incorporate security aspects, and thus there can be significant overlap between these areas of our work (see our security page for further information).

For further information on Edenprime's experience and capabilities within any particular technical areas, or to discuss specific project requirements, please contact us using the details on the contacts page or email us at info@edenprime.com.