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Digital Forensics

Edenprime provides digital forensic services for analysis of traditional and specialist systems and devices. In addition to imaging and analysis of standard systems such as PCs, Flash drives and media, Edenprime has performed several projects to examine the data from bespoke systems for which standard tools for analysis are not commercially available, and where there is a time-critical nature to the investigation.

Traditional: PC, hard disk, flash cards/drives, phones, satnav

  • imaging, analysis, investigation, report

Specialist: Embedded Forensics

  • new products
  • embedded OS
  • image extraction (bespoke data storage)
  • analysis (bespoke encryption, data mapping), investigation, IP theft
  • communications logging (ethernet, serial, transport streams, bespoke)
  • own tools developed to perform analysis

EnCase Certified Examiner

Edenprime has the equipment and expertise to perform these tasks using industry standard write-blocking equipment, plus a range of software including market leading forensic products such as EnCase, as well as bespoke software developed in-house for specific devices and special investigations.

Edenprime can provide notarised reports for court use, as well as providing impartial advice to counsel on case details and Expert Witness services.

Investigations are performed at Edenprime in line with ACPO guidelines by experienced, professional and well-qualified engineers. In addition to being degree qualified, they will typically be members of one or more professional bodies such as the IET, IEEE and/or BCS, will have reached and been awarded CEng (Chartered Engineer) status and (for digital forensics work) have qualified as an EnCE (EnCase Certified Examiner).